Coffin Cuties®™ Magazine Issue 8 (Digital PDF)


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Welcome to the world famous horror erotic publication Coffin Cuties®™ Magazine. We present our latest issue #8 just in time for Halloween. In this issue cover model Amber Affeldt (Nefertiti The Vampire Queen) Amber DeVille (Monster Doll) Meduseahag (Horror Host) Gia Nova (Actress/Model) Lovina Yavari (Model Assasin) Synful Pleasure (Ultimate Sinner) Aradia Wadjet & Grace Gallows (Ancient Druids) Kseniia Piquette (Nun Possession) Comic’s by Sex & Monsters also by Mario Lebate, Interview with Punk Legend Beki Bondage of Vice Squad, Vampires: Our Fascination by David Sgalambro, Horror Movie and Music reviews by Michael “Dedman” Jones, Words from our Deaditor Mike Hearse and Trixie Transylvania, Back cover model Mel Heflin, A very special article from Amber DeVille, Celebrity shots and much more!


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