Coffin Cuties Magazine Issue 12 (Digital PDF)



We start our tales of horrifyingly hot horror with the incendiary babes of the modern cult classic in Streets of Vengeance… then we kiss and make-up with special FX courtesy of Mike Fields and the gruesomely gorgeous Caitlin Bradley… We profile the in-demand Lily Marie in her first feature, show more tails from the crypt with Tish Marie and Jessica Coffin and the deadly duo from the Death Do Us Part Danger Show…

We offer some words (and some exclusive images) with actress Angie Stevenson from (Sons of Anarchy, present an exclusive interview with Italian horror soundtrack legends Goblin during their most recent U.S.A. tour, and go behind the scenes with puppetmaster Gordon Smuder of Transylvania Television…You get a free soundtrack download to go along with our Summer Camp Slasher: Part 2 feature (starring Red Herring)—make sure to download it first and get ready for the splatter that matters! Also featuring Dani Thompson, Emily Åström, Dixie Bandit and Cover art by Scott Jackson.


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