Coffin Cuties Magazine – Issue 13 – The Soska Sisters



Coffin Cuties #13 is here to hold your hand – and your glands – with yet another horrifically hot and gorgeously glossy issue of ghouls, gals and goodies.

Our cover girls the Twisted Twins will double your fun with an in-depth interview detailing all their myriad projects. Fans of their breakthrough feature American Mary will be excited to know that three of Mary’s main characters are profiled in this issue.

Besides the Soska Sisters, our other glamour ghouls include Tristan Risk (aka “Little Miss Risk”)

Skye Medusa, Anastasia Sin and Sherri Coffinshaker, Orrible Olivia,

, Allie Jean, Paige LeNey and Delawna McKinney, Jennifer Coffin, Stacey Worwick, Jennifer West, Connita Starr.

Our featured guy-goyles include Special Effects Makeup artist Mike Fields, The Brazilian art of Doug Firmino. Eric “Unkle” Pigors, who joins us in the catacombs to talk at depth about Art, Rock N’ Roll and his very successful Toxic Toons merchandise.


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