Coffin Cuties Magazine – issue 15


Issue 15 is a ground breaking edition, as we open the crypt doors to expand the bone yard. Check out our new website has been rebuilt into a monster!

Gather the ghouls for a fascinating fright with the captivating cover model Iballa Chantelle, vampire vocalist & guitarist of The Creptter Children. Read about the inspirational works of Mario Brava. The freaky lowbrow & custom art of Rob Kruse. Evan Quiring with the Reimagining Ed Wood comic illustration. Jaded Art . Crazy Holly Art.

And the Coffin Cuties: Iballa Chantelle, Nicole Jackson, Courtney Waller, D.D. Darling, Lily Marie, Janette, Penny Slice, Emma Harlequin, April Baker.

The Coffin Coroner: Movie Reviews by Michael “Dedman” Jones” and much more.


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